New Year Mix 2023 | Popular Song Remixes & Mash Ups

My new Channel:
All the Mashups & Remixes are created by the following people, if you like what you hear, make sure to support them!

Djs From Mars
Roc Dubloc
Thank you for this amazing support and for over 200 mio total views on this channel. Sadly I don’t feel motivated anymore to upload music mixes.

I always dreamed of doing Vlogs and travel the world. Luckily I got married to the most wonderful woman this year (this month) and we both share the same goal. It would mean a lot, if we will see you on our new channel, if the videos are to your liking of course. We just started and need to improve a lot, so all the help or feedback will be appreciated!

Have a happy, healthy and safe new year in 2023! May the world be a better place very soon.

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