HANDS UP | 1 – Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy

HANDS UP for Health and Physical Literacy is a three part illustrated video series that will teach children and youth about the importance of physical and health literacy in a fun and engaging way.

Introduction to Physical & Health Literacy is the first video in the three part series and is intended for children aged 4-9. In this video, children will be introduced to the concepts of physical and health literacy. A general overview of both terms will be introduced and defined in order to help children and youth build the ground level knowledge needed to lead a healthy and active life every day.

2 – Exploring Physical & Health Literacy:

3 – Applying Physical & Health Literacy:

HANDS UP is also available in French as VITALITÉ. You can find the French videos at the following links:

1 – Introduction au savoir-faire physique et en santé :

2 – Exploration du savoir-faire physique et en santé :

3 – L’application de la littératie en matière de santé et d’éducation physique :

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Written by: James Hartnett
Voice Over by: Andrew Hanna
Illustrated by: Liisa Sorsa, Thinklink graphics
Produced and directed by: Disa Kauk, Dscribe
DOP by: Robin Frigeri, Frigeri Productions
Edited by: David Schmidt
Sound Design and Audio Mixing by: www.48volts.ca

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